To educate an individual with passion and compassion… developing the lasting human values of the life…empowering to gain knowledge and capabilities… thereby contributing for social, economic and national development in conformity with the constitution as a responsible citizen.


  • Liberal admission policy based on non-discrimination.
  • To attain the highest standards of values and ethics in life.
  • To encourage democratization and greater participation in the campus activities.
  • Assist the students to find career path in making the connections between their courses and potential careers.
  • To formulate various methodologies for the effective curriculum delivery.
  • To upgrade infrastructural and technological resources.
  • To maintain harmonious relationship in the workplace.
  • To create an atmosphere for inquiry, critical thinking and research.


  • We consider education is the acquisition of knowledge about life, life skills and naturalness of life. So we make efforts for integrated holistic approach to teaching and co-curricular activities.
  • We expect our teachers as mentors, facilitators, performers, counsellors, and role models with human values.
  • Our work environment is based on punctuality; discipline and friendly inter personal relationships.
  • Students are our main priority, hence we plan for empowering them through teaching, supporting for team work and leadership.
    Principles of equality, secular outlook, rights and duties, family as the first social union are very close to our hearts.
  • We take pride in using information and communication technology to encourage the spirit of innovation and helping students to effective program delivery.
  • We believe that vice counsel will help our students to explore opportunities, their strength and weaknesses and outline a carrier plan soon after their completion of education.
  • MDES insist on human values and its roles in national development for all the institutions under its administration. Work ethics, concern for justice and peace, sensitivity to the joys and sorrows of life and identification of the college with the weaker sections of the society are some of the touch stones of values adopted by the faculties.