Fire and Safety Program


The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and Staff Welfare Committee of St. Anne’s College, Virajpet collaborated to organize a comprehensive Fire and Safety program for the college staff. The session was conducted by Mr. Joyson Lobo, Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce and also a certified expert in Fire Prevention and Firefighting, recognized by the Government of Karnataka.

Objectives of the Training:

The primary objectives of the Fire and Safety Training were as follows:

    1. To enhance the awareness of fire safety measures among the college staff.
    2. To provide practical knowledge and skills related to fire prevention and firefighting.
    3. To ensure a safe and secure environment within the college premises.

Training Session Details:

The training session covered the following key topics:

Fire Safety Basics:

      1. Understanding the fire triangle.
      2. Identifying common fire hazards in the workplace.

Fire Prevention:

      1. Importance of preventive measures.
      2. Proper storage and handling of flammable materials.

Firefighting Techniques:

      1. Proper usage of fire extinguishers.
      2. Evacuation procedures and assembly points.

Highlights of the Training:

    1. Interactive Sessions: The training included hands-on practical sessions where staff members actively participated in using fire extinguishers and understanding evacuation procedures.
    2. Expert Guidance: Joyson Lobo, with his certification from the Government of Karnataka, provided valuable insights and practical tips on fire safety, drawing on his extensive experience in the field.

Feedback and Response:

Participants expressed high satisfaction with the training program, acknowledging its relevance and importance. The interactive nature of the sessions and Mr. Joyson Lobo’s expertise were particularly commended.

Future Initiatives:

To further enhance the safety culture within the college, the IQAC and Staff Welfare Committee plan to organize periodic refresher courses and drills to ensure that the staff remains well-prepared in case of any emergency.


The Fire and Safety Training organized by the IQAC and Staff Welfare Committee, with the expertise of Mr. Joyson Lobo, proved to be a valuable initiative in equipping the college staff with essential knowledge and skills. The commitment to ensuring a safe and secure environment is paramount, and ongoing efforts will be made to reinforce these principles through continuous training and awareness programs.